i will always be a part of you

A long long time ago at school I had to write a letter to myself. I have forgotten all about it and yesterday I got an envelope! I had no idea what I had written there but when I started reading it a smile couldn't disappear from my face. :))

Brangi Kvaiša,

BAIGEI MOKYKLĄ! Sveikinu, nors visiškai nepajėgiu to įsivaizduoti, pati tai patirsiu dar labai labai negreit. Bet labai noriu kai ką tau pasakyti.

Žinai, ateity keisis žmonės, meilės, aplinka, draugai, tačiau svarbiausia, kad liktum savimi. Būk ištikima sau, savo ambicijoms ir įsitikinimams, nes tai yra the best thing about you.

Beje, laikykis, studijuoti juk nebus lengva. Nors pamatysi, tu tai ištversi, ir bus FUN, pažadu. Būk didesnė optimistė, kaip kad aš dabar. Ir šiaip, kaip man įdomu, kuo tu pavirsi! Kas iš tavęs išaugs. Jau žinau, kad doras, draugiškas, stropus ir uolus žmogus. Nepamiršk to, gerai? Neapvilk manęs.

Nepamiršk manęs, tos jaunos mergaitės. Visada būsiu dalis tavęs.

dar neužaugusi Kvaiša


big girls don't cry

It's so crazy!! Today was officially my last day at school and I feel so weird. I'm not sure whether I'm happy or a little sad, it's both I guess. Even though I was sure that I would be so excited and not sentimental at all, after all those teachers' last speeches, hugs and kisses I just can't help myself. 12 years in the same building, a day after day. OMG I'm graduating!!!! Tomorrow's gonna be a wild day: we'll all decorate cars in the morning (I can imagine girls in tiny dresses and heels mincing around cars while laughing and drinking champagne, so much fun!), go to school, have a little ceremony and then go PAAARTYING. Can't wait! Some few last parties I stopped myself a little, I wasn't in the mood and/or felt responsibility for the exams. But this very moment I want to let it go and just get wasted, forgetting everything in the world. The next exam is only on Wednesday so I'll have time (please don't remind me my promises, I know, I know!!). 

I have no idea what to wear, as always my closet is empty. And I've heard it's going to rain so my outfit possibilities reduce from 0 to minus 10.
I'm off to have a peek inside it one more time.

Kisses! ♥


two down, two more to go

Only four days are left for me at school and that's just crazy. The fact that I'll be done with everything can't reach my brains very easily. This is supposed to be the hardest time for me, but I don't do anything useful! It kills me, I've never thought I could be so lazy. Yesterday I had a wonderful time in the garden with my girl - champagne, laughter, sunbathing and relaxation. Today is going to be a bit tougher I guess. Two exams are left and they require some preparation (I didn't do anything for my previous exams, how lame is that?!). My books are already in the balcony together with icy lemon water, hair is on top of my head messy and my nightwear seems to be staying on me (it's just too hot to change into something proper). 

I can't wait for the day I'll lay on sand with a good book in one hand, a cocktail in other and a BFF by my side.  Only some weeks are left!
P.S. the comments are back, guys! :)