We really really really do love our balcony:)


into the wild

I really can't describe how happy I am right now. I don't even know where this happiness came from, I'm just glad it found me and it feel's like it's staying for a while. Last few days I felt I didn't exist. No texting, no internet, no TV, no distractions, no confusing people. Only some movies on my laptop, a few books and a BFF. After the exams we wanted to relax somehow, but we didn't go to the seaside because of the crappy weather. But there is a wonderful place for disappearing - the garden! We just loved reading, watching movies, running 2 km a day (and walking even more), laughing, hiding from the sudden rain or trying to catch every magical sunshine with our faces.. Yep, no-lifing. Right now it's all I want. No parties, no shopping, no nothing. Just me, her and these breathtaking moments like the one this morning when we decided to have breakfast right on the rooftop, watching the clouds passing by.


the sky was sad today

The last exam is written! We had a little celebration, but I somehow don't feel happy. Maybe not just yet? I want to start my holidays on a high note and I hope it will go as planned right from tomorrow. Cause today I can't find a place for me, I don't know what to do, I went to the garden, then shopping (almost nothing bought).. I feel that I have so much time that I don't know where to start! And the traitor mood isn't helping.


eating strawberries and daydreaming

I've finally found a place to study! You can see it above. Windowsills are such an incredible invention! While sitting on  one you can open the window and catch every wind blow with your skin - paradise! I should look really silly from the outside (not to mention that when it's hot I'm in my undies or some oversized shirt) but who cares! 

You can start calling me the strawberries and cold drinks defeater as I can't stop. Yum. Dreaming about summer still takes most of my time. The only thing left for me is to pray that the exam will be easy. Or that by some chance it will include questions about sun creams, air temperature for a month ahead and mojito ingredients.


failed attempt to stick my little nose out

Do you know how bad it hurts when you read posts about careless summertime, long nights, light (and heavy!) drinks, loud music and stuff, and you stay at home and the only thing you allow yourself to do is watch a random movie before going to bed? 8 days of pain are left for me. I try to study, I swear - I do my best, but it's simply impossible. It's so hot, I just can't concentrate. And when I do I accidently get a message inviting me to go by the lake or come to a party. And then I start feeling pity for myself and later I dream about the time I would be spending. I did terribly in my previous exam and I don't have any motivation to study for the next one. But as I said - I try to do my best. Today I jumped into a car and went to the garden, I thought it would be quiet, relaxing and inspiring to work. Haha, right. Idea no.1 failed at once: it's impossible to sunbathe and concentrate on studying at the same time. Idea no.2 seemed to be just perfect: laying in the shadow under a tree on the other side of the garden, so cool and peaceful! But I'm quite a city girl and all those bugs dropping on me from the tree and climbing on my mat from the grass weren't very attractive. No, I wasn't scared or anything, it's just I paid too much attention to them and forgot my books. Idea no.3 was to barricade myself in the house, away from all those distractions. But I started to hear dogs barking, birds singing (yes, even they bothered me! What a horrible person am I??), people walking by.. Eventually I caught myself texting my BFF. After a waisted hour in the garden I packed my stuff and went home to study in darkness, with all windows shut to prevent incoming sounds. I'm starting to become a little freak, I swear. 
Enjoy your summer. 
Seriously, you don't know how precious it is.