big girls don't cry

It's so crazy!! Today was officially my last day at school and I feel so weird. I'm not sure whether I'm happy or a little sad, it's both I guess. Even though I was sure that I would be so excited and not sentimental at all, after all those teachers' last speeches, hugs and kisses I just can't help myself. 12 years in the same building, a day after day. OMG I'm graduating!!!! Tomorrow's gonna be a wild day: we'll all decorate cars in the morning (I can imagine girls in tiny dresses and heels mincing around cars while laughing and drinking champagne, so much fun!), go to school, have a little ceremony and then go PAAARTYING. Can't wait! Some few last parties I stopped myself a little, I wasn't in the mood and/or felt responsibility for the exams. But this very moment I want to let it go and just get wasted, forgetting everything in the world. The next exam is only on Wednesday so I'll have time (please don't remind me my promises, I know, I know!!). 

I have no idea what to wear, as always my closet is empty. And I've heard it's going to rain so my outfit possibilities reduce from 0 to minus 10.
I'm off to have a peek inside it one more time.

Kisses! ♥


  1. Skaitydama pradžią net susigraudinau truputį :}

  2. tavo tekstuose būna perteikti visi jausmai, nerealu tai:))
    ir vėliau būūtinai parodyk, ką vilkėjai!;D


  3. Karolinaaa!;* Man kaip tik atrodo, kad kai rašau anglų kalba, jausmų išvis nelieka.
    Gaaaal, matysim;D