winter fairytale

On my way to the airport there were some beautiful, but unexpected issues, to which British people aren't prepared:

I was stuck in the bus in the middle of nowhere, because we couldn't move! It scared the hell out of me, I really didn't want to miss the flight. After an hour we started moving slowly, I jumped off at Manchester to save some time, went straight to Liverpool, then switched coaches again and went to the airport.. Yay, I was on time!

Some time later I was on my way, listening to loud loud music and thinking about home:

After 13 chapters of Harry Potter I landed in Riga and saw wide smiles of the beloved ones. In no time I was in my old room, which seemed even cozier than I remember.


  1. i love this snow stuff! where do you get this from?

  2. Changed html a bit, try google:)

  3. your window looks really cute and beautiful ;)

  4. how do you add the snow effect on your blog? mind if you teach me? please reply, I am subscribed in your blog.

    Sig: Andrew | medical products

  5. http://glamiva.blogspot.com/2010/12/falling-snowflakes-for-blog-website.html

  6. Pirma nuotrauka - fantastika! Labai šaunus blogas, kaip aš čia jį pražiūrėjau iki dabar?? :)