11 PM can be the perfect time for some ice-cream

And this was my mum's idea. She's like a child sometimes, and I love it. Yesterday at about 10 PM we were on our way to the garden to spend the night with some romantic comedies. All the spontaneity that I have definitely came from her. Even though today I was extremely sad, tired and sleepy, I couldn't say no to her, trying l to cheer me up, right? Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I love my mum.

I honestly hope that soon I will be back with some good news.. And bright mood. I can't stay like this any longer, this is killing me. I wish you could see me at daytime: I eat eat eat, like food was my only friend. Yugh, I don't even want it, it's just so.. comforting. I'll cut it out, I swear. It's better to weigh only a ton and have a depression than be happy and weigh 5.

Goodnight, dollies, soon everything's gonna be different. It has to be.


  1. Tikiuosi tuos sugris gera nuotaika pas tave ir sulauksi geru ziniu:)

  2. kaip pavydžiu, kad tavo mama tokia spontaniška ir gali tokiais dalykais taip pradžiuginti dieną! :)