chasing comets

What an akward morning. The minute I woke up I grabbed my phone, ran to the bathroom and made a call. I got the result of my last exam, and it's not bad, just a little worse than I had expected. Whatever. Everything's finally over. There's so much crap going on in my life right now. So many decisions. The most important desicions I've ever had to make. I don't even know how I feel right now: confused, scared, lonely, excited, cautious, tired.. My BFF's leaving for a while and that's another reason of the way I feel. Because we've been struggling through this together.. And now I'm gonna be on my own. I know it's so stupid and childish to think this way, but it is how it is. I hope tomorrow is going to be a brand new day full of pleasant surprises, otherwise I'll stay like this and it's not the best feeling for the summer. To feel better I drink latte with marshmallows from my dad's cup - it always calms me down. Btw I made this painting on the porcelain cup for dad's birthday. When I was little he gave me a book - moomins and the comet chase. He apologised for the book being so old, but he explained that it was his absolutely favourite book as a child and he read it 12 times (my granny used to count:)). I loved it so much, that I couldn't put it away for years. Mum said I had read it 14 times, so yeah, I must have really loved it to even beat my dad. So it's probably the only thing that ties me on with him, the crazy love for the moomins. As it was his birthday I wanted him to have something that would remind him of me and his childhood and that he would be encouraged not to be afraid to dream. He drinks coffee from it every morning and I love this view - my dad, drowned in his thoughts and concerns, holding a moomin that I've made. 

This morning I'm doing the same and I'm starting to feel better. What a magical cure.


  1. Moomins.. my ex roomate still worshps them and buys all books snd every stuff with them :)

  2. Sveikinimai didžiausi viskam pasibaigus! Nes kol nesužinai visų rezultatų, tai vis jaučiasi įtampa..

  3. Studente, man užtenka tos mielos nutrintos knygutės.. Nors neatsisakyčiau dar ko nors, kokie jie adorable man!:)
    Asta, ačiū, nors kažkaip nėra to palengvėjimo, net jei viskas ir baigės...

  4. tokios sagės labai mielos http://farm1.static.flickr.com/92/228073062_de3dbf0002.jpg Vis kartais užmatau tokių kur mugėj arba blusturgy, bet dar nepribrendau pirkt (neišsirenku, kurio noriu) :}