stepping stone

So the prom was over.. the day before yesterday? I'm totally lost in time. I can't believe it all ended just like that. POOF, and you're not a scholar anymore. After that I've been partying for two days, two restless days and nights without any sleep. Who cares, right? I'll rest when I'll die, unless the hell (where I'll be heading to) is a one big party. I keep smiling - I love everyone so much!! It's really sad to graduate and know that all the wonderful people will not be with you day by day, but it's so good to know that in this big crowd there are people that will be there for you whenever you need them.. True, true, true friends. ♥


  1. this post touched me, really really deeply

  2. Baigti mokyklÄ… yra pakankamai linksma : D