we never stop

Spontaneity is the best thing about this summer. Like ABSOLUTELY!! One moment I'm in my balcony enjoying sushi, wine and good music, the other I'm on my way to another crazy trip. My BFF's daddy has the best hobby in the entire world - paragliding. So he got an offer to attend in a festival, where he would have to throw 50 kg of candies to people!! Amazing. We came along and felt like kids again: imagine us sitting on grass, licking melted chocolate from our fingers and listening to the performance of telebimbam:))). I haven't felt so FREE for ages. Later we enjoyed a football match (at least we pretended to, cause we couldn't take our eyes from no.5 - M.Mikutavicius:)) hottie!) I laughed the entire day. I actually still do. And I love it. I love this summer, I love my BFF, I love my life. 

With or without all the crap in it, it's simply perfect.


  1. Nuuu!;DD pasirodo ten žiauriai smagu gali būti;D

  2. sakes kaip fainai, tavo kiekvienas postas toooks siltas :)

  3. Pagalvių nuotraukia kokio gerumo! :>

  4. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! :)

    The Cat Hag